Self-Harm Resources

We value our herds and the Yakkers that make them unique and wonderful, and we want every member of a herd to feel welcome, connected, and safe. If you see a post that indicates a user is in physical danger, please contact a local authority immediately.

If you are concerned but don’t think there is a threat of immediate physical harm, you might extend a helping hand by responding directly to the user. Some suggestions from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline include showing the person that you are interested, willing to listen, non-judgmental, and available to provide support. You may also want to point the user to the Lifeline's website, where they can find resources and ways to call or chat confidentially with a trained crisis counselor, at

Here are some additional organizations that offer resources for you and the user you want to help:

Note: Yik Yak does not allow phone numbers in local feeds, so it is always best to point a user to a website address from the list above, where they can find resources including phone, text, or online chat options.