Yik Yak resources

Yik Yak offers a variety of tools to help our users stay safe while using the app. Below you’ll find some techniques that will help you to get the most out of Yik Yak:

  • Voting: Use the arrows on the right-hand side of a yak to express your thoughts. You can upvote great content, and downvote stuff that's just not appropriate for your community. If a yak reaches –5 downvotes, it is automatically removed from the feed.
  • Muting: if you don't want to see another user's posts, simply mute the user. After you mute a user you will no longer see their yaks or replies in your feed. To take this action, tap on the flag icon on a yak and check the "Mute User" box.
  • Blocking: In order to block someone from chatting you, you can either decline an incoming request, swipe left on a conversation in your Chat tab, or tap on the ellipses in the top right corner of the chat thread itself. If you'd like to block another user from seeing you in Local Yakkers (or seeing you in theirs), simply click on the flag icon in the upper right-hand corner of that user's profile and select "Block from Local Yakkers." In both Chat and Local Yakkers, blocking is a permanent feature that cannot be reversed. 
  • Reporting a yak: Reporting is a quick and easy way to let our team know there's a post that violates our rules. You are the best expert on what's going on in your community, and we appreciate when users are invested in the health and safety of their local herd! To report, tap the flag icon on a yak and then select the reason for the report.
  • Reporting a profile: If you come across a troubling handle, profile picture, #Now, or bio on Yik Yak, you can report this in the same way as you would a yak itself. When viewing a profile, tap on the flag icon on the top right of your screen and select the appropriate category from that list.
  • Impersonation: If you believe another user is impersonating you, you can get assistance and submit a request for review via this online support form. We will follow up promptly once we receive your request and the required identification.
  • Geofencing: Yik Yak is intended for users age 18 and over, and we proactively disable the use of the app at middle and high schools by geofencing those campuses. If you believe there is a middle or high school that needs a geofence correction, please submit a request here.
  • Bugs: If you're experiencing a glitch within the app – for example, the app is crashing or you're not seeing yaks in your feed – please let our support team know.

For general questions, our support team is your best go-to! You can reach us here or within the app (tap "More" and then "Contact Us").

What should I do if I see a user threatening self-harm on Yik Yak?

We value our herds and the Yakkers that make them unique and wonderful, and we want every member of a herd to feel welcome, connected, and safe. If you see a post that indicates a user is in physical danger, please contact a local authority immediately.

If you are concerned but don’t think there is a threat of immediate physical harm, you might extend a helping hand by responding directly to the user. Some suggestions from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline include showing the person that you are interested, willing to listen, non-judgmental, and available to provide support. You may also want to point the user to the Lifeline's website, where they can find resources and ways to call or chat confidentially with a trained crisis counselor, at

Here are some additional organizations that offer resources for you and the user you want to help:

Note: Yik Yak does not allow phone numbers in local feeds, so it is always best to point a user to a website address from the list above, where they can find resources including phone, text, or online chat options.

Other resources

Here are some additional sites that you may find helpful as you, or your friends or family, engage with social media.