Yik Yak aims to make the world feel small again. Whether users are discussing local events or uniting over shared experiences, Yik Yak is all about building communities that connect people to those around them. Read more

At Yik Yak we care about our users and want everyone to feel safe in their local herds. That’s why we’ve outlined some guidelines to help keep Yik Yak communities at their best. Learn more

Check out some of the tools and tips that you can use to maintain a great experience on the app, as well as more general resources that you may find helpful. View resources


We value our herds and the Yakkers that make them unique and wonderful – and we want every member of a herd to feel safe and welcome. Read more

Colleges & Universities

As an app widely popular on university campuses, we support administrators in efforts to encourage positive behavior both on and offline. Read more

Educators & Parents

Yik Yak is intended for users age 18 and over. Here are some tips for parents and educators of those who don’t yet meet Yik Yak’s current age limit. Read more

Law Enforcement

Yik Yak is committed to cooperating with law enforcement in response to appropriate legal process or a valid emergency request. Read more