What types of posts are allowed on Yik Yak?

Yik Yak lets users connect with and discover their local community, and part of building a great community means respecting those around us. Please review our rules before you post – we take them seriously!

You should NOT post content on Yik Yak that harms either the feed or your community. For example:

  1. DO NOT bully or specifically target others. This includes but is not limited to defaming, abusing, harassing, stalking, and threatening others.
  2. DO NOT post other people's phone numbers, street addresses, social media accounts, personally identifiable information, or content that is lewd, obscene, or offensive.
  3. DO NOT post repetitive, spammy content.

If your yaks are repeatedly reported or flagged, you will be suspended.

Note: Our rules apply to photos as well as text yaks. If a user is in violation of our rules or terms of service, that user may be suspended or banned from the app.

How should I engage with others in my local feed?

Yik Yak is your community – your local feed is an extension of the real world and all of the awesome people directly around you. With Local Yakkers, for example, you can now find and connect with people around you, based on proximity as well as things like shared interests and activities. 

As Yakkers, you have the opportunity to share news or jokes, ask questions, and reply with great tips – and you also have the opportunity to take an active role in your community by upvoting great content and downvoting stuff that's just not appropriate for your herd. If a yak reaches –5 downvotes, it is automatically removed from the feed.

You can also choose to mute a user if you don't want to see their yaks or replies in your feed anymore. You'll see this option any time you tap on the flag icon to report a yak.

For more tips, please see our Resources section.

Check out this infographic to follow the path that a yak might take from creation to the hot feed, and see some of the ways that Yik Yak and our users can work together to keep feeds safe and positive.